About Us

Tropiashop.com is a newly established store for digital games. with a huge selection of titles at the best price, TropiaShop is quickly becoming a go-to place to find the best game deals.

while game collection in the market grows by the day everyone can find something for their liking – fresh new games, world-renowned game titles or various console giftcards. on our mission to bring games to the players, we offer a variety of awesome deals through our weekly sales, social media giveaways and game of the day system.

however, we don’t just sell games. TropiaShop is a community of gamers thriving to share knowledge and insights about our favourite form of digital entertainment. we believe that games are a form of art worth sharing and that’s why we constantly blog about our favourites. among the likeminded people from gaming univers ltd we’re building the community of gamers from all over the world.